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On Ambition

It’s that gut feeling telling you that you were meant to be somebody. It’s that voice demanding, “Be. the. best.” It’s the small town kid in you that’s waiting to quit this lousy neighborhood, or it’s the “Eye of the Tiger” melody you hum to yourself. It’s called Ambition, and it ain’t ever gonna let your heart alone. Continue reading



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On Faces


I think it was the author Gregory David Roberts who once explained why we don’t feel bad for ants when we squish them or flies when we swat them. Besides the fact that they may give us the heebie jeebies or that you’d rather not have someone raid your pantry during the summertime, it’s because they don’t have faces! The author continues to explain that the emotions that faces convey connect us to one another and cause us to react in the ways we do. I really do think he was onto something. I mean, think about it. It’s probably why humans are more likely to be drawn toward animals with similar features. The only popular insect movies I can think of, and I might be dating myself here, were “A Bug’s Life” and “Antz.” But those were animated films and the characters had faces that children could identify with. Could you ever imagine if the works had been drawn realistically? Continue reading


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On Soul Searching


All my life, I’ve been a planner. And yet, though planning has always seemed logical, a closer look can make one realize that it might not always be the best thing. After all, when you’re a perfectionist like me, planning puts my stomach in knots, makes me snippy with people and, more than anything, it stresses me out! Continue reading


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On Essays

I’ve wanted to be an essayist since high school. Though the homework was a drag, reading this book for class gave me a new appreciation on the art of observation. There is something so alluring about authors who could summarize abstract or everyday ideas in a matter of a few pages, while still moving and connecting with their audience. Moreover, a good essay never failed to satisfy me; they constantly give me outlooks to mull over, new approaches to practice and even sometimes a hard-hitting, yet necessary, reality check. While, one could go on and on about how well-written essays are gifts that just keep on giving, one thing is for sure: There is a lot to be thankful about for the opportunity to learn from someone else’s insight. Continue reading


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