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On Blogging


I still have my Xanga account. Yep. The one I’ve had since I was 13. I started it more or less because it was the cool thing to do. So between visiting the FoxKids and Zoom websites, I’d blog about nothing with grammar more terrible than I’d like to admit. It was all about the flashy backgrounds and catchy music. Eventually most of my friends left the platform. They realized that they didn’t have much to say. And I must admit that I had my fair share of absences. But I’d always come back. Always. Every time that boy in class ignored me or when my family issues got me down, I’d just fill a textbox with woes and click Submit. Somehow, having everything out in the open was always a relief. And it still is. Continue reading



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On Ambition

It’s that gut feeling telling you that you were meant to be somebody. It’s that voice demanding, “Be. the. best.” It’s the small town kid in you that’s waiting to quit this lousy neighborhood, or it’s the “Eye of the Tiger” melody you hum to yourself. It’s called Ambition, and it ain’t ever gonna let your heart alone. Continue reading


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On Soul Searching


All my life, I’ve been a planner. And yet, though planning has always seemed logical, a closer look can make one realize that it might not always be the best thing. After all, when you’re a perfectionist like me, planning puts my stomach in knots, makes me snippy with people and, more than anything, it stresses me out! Continue reading


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