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On Missing You


I can smell your skin in my dreams. I can feel the sweat on your pillows and your arm behind my head. I can see it all so clearly. I can hardly breathe because it seems more real than not.

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On Rain Cycles & Broken Hearts

(So I wrote this a long time ago, but I thought it might help someone out there.  -EssayLove)

The weather has been pretty crappy lately. Whether an overcast forecast to match my moods is a boon or a burden, I have not decided. But the truth is, I really don’t like rain. Soggy socks and damp clothes peeve me. So I asked my friend yesterday why adolescents don’t bother with umbrellas (one of the finer inventions). He told me simply, he likes the way it feels. He likes the way it plays with his hair and the way it overcomes him. At the time, I think I agreed to disagree. Continue reading

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On Fireworks

When was the last time you saw fireworks? Were you on a rooftop? On the beach? Were you in your apartment overlooking the river?

The last time I saw fireworks, there was not a single spark in the sky. There were no embers in the air, just my fiery passion; no explosion on a boat, just the loud pounding of my heart. I wasn’t bracing myself for excitement, but there was the embrace of someone else. Continue reading


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