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On Fat Pants

Elastic Pants

I bought fat pants. Oh you know what I mean. They’re the pants you buy because nothing in your closet fits right and none of your jeans hug your waist comfortably. They’re the surrender pants, the no-longer-in denial pants, or the I-forgive-you pants. They make me feel so guilty about how I’ve put on so much weight, but damn, they feel good. Continue reading



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On Being Average


I was a fairly smart kid growing. I always had great grades and I was known to teachers as the student who usually went the extra mile on her work. I was on the principal’s list and a honor student. I was smart just enough to be competitive about it and to think that being smart was my thing. And then I came to law school and I felt like the dumbest kid in class.

I became what I really hope I wouldn’t become: average. Continue reading


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On Getting Over It

♫ “I’ll be alright. Just not tonight. But someday!” ♫

Don’t. Don’t get over it. Not just yet. So, when your friends roll their eyes at you and tell you to get over it, don’t. Don’t do it just because they’re over it. Because, surprise surprise, while you say you’re over it, the truth is that you’re not. So don’t. Continue reading

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On Feeling Lost

What can I say? I’m in my 20s. And you guessed right: I’m feeling more lost than ever.

It’s like, up until now, everything made sense, everything had a point to it, and I thought I knew where I was headed. But boy, how fast that can change!

Or maybe you weren’t like me. Maybe you never had a plan and went along swimmingly. Then one day you woke up and some jerk told you that you needed a plan; the carpet was pulled right from beneath your feet. Continue reading


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On Strength

It was like I was carrying him on my shoulders: I carried his dreams, his happiness, his love. I thought if I could just pull through for my dad, I thought everything would be alright. I thought he would finally be happy. I cajoled myself into believing that doing everything he said would make things better. All I had to do was be strong.

The notion of strength is misunderstood. I get that now. Continue reading


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