On Feeling Lost

What can I say? I’m in my 20s. And you guessed right: I’m feeling more lost than ever.

It’s like, up until now, everything made sense, everything had a point to it, and I thought I knew where I was headed. But boy, how fast that can change!

Or maybe you weren’t like me. Maybe you never had a plan and went along swimmingly. Then one day you woke up and some jerk told you that you needed a plan; the carpet was pulled right from beneath your feet.

But regardless on how you lost your way, it’s all the same. We’re all scrambling, trying desperately to build something out of the nothing we’ve done all these years. So, no you privileged child prodigies, I’m not talking to you. Don’t you dare tell me I was supposed to be learning algorithms instead of having water gun fights. Fuck that.

But what are these facades we’re supposed to wear? And why do they seem so cookie-cutter? And why is it so bad that I’m kind of weird?

Y’know, it’s a rough day when you find out that everything you heard growing up were all lies. Suddenly, you’re not the best, the prettiest, the most special kid in the whole wide world. You’re average. But let’s look at the bright side and let me help you cushion the blow.

Because the way I see it, feeling lost is your instinct telling you that you’re not where you should be. And though knowing you shouldn’t be here isn’t much direction to get where you want to be, at least it’s a start. Moreover, feeling lost means that you’re meant for something more, if not, at least, meant for something else. Again, not much direction, but I’ll take it.

Every single happy and successful person I know can’t tell me their story without telling me the many detours they’ve encountered. So it’d be pretty silly for us to expect our journeys to be so damn easy, wouldn’t it?

So if you’re feeling lost like me, keep walking. Because though not everybody who wanders is lost, everybody who is lost should keep on wandering.



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13 responses to “On Feeling Lost

  1. mrinalmylove

    “Not everbody who wanders is lost” that made me think, because lately my life has been too harsh to me…! Anyways, liked your post! 🙂

  2. Ethan

    I’m guessing a lot of people in their 20’s have that “lost” feeling, at least occasionally. I know I do, but maybe that feeling comes from wanting to do too much right away? I just graduated college and have that feeling more than ever but I know it will eventually go away. Just my thought. Nice post by the way.

    • Agreed! One thing about be young is that we want so many answers right away. How do I accomplish this? Where should I live? Why can’t I seem to get it together? And these are tough questions! And we want them now. We “need” them now. But there are no short cuts. None that are worth it in the long run, really. So hang in there. Figure out, not just what you’re passionate about, but what you’re good at. Find that miraculous connection between what you love to do and what you’re best at. Well, maybe its not so miraculous. Maybe it might be obvious. Only you can know, actually. So good luck, and let me know how it goes!

  3. beatnified

    This is a great post. I am definitely feeling lost and I’m very close to hitting 30. It really scares me because I’ve been trying hard to make something out of nothing so to speak. So many detours and haven’t been on the right road yet. I kind wish there were signs just like on the highway telling you exactly where you’re going and how you can get there. Sometimes I feel it’s too late for me to get on track and do something profound, but I have no idea if or when it will happen. That’s life… 😦

    • Yeah, I can’t talk from experience, but a piece of good recurring advice I get is to find something that you’re good at and use it for something you’re passionate about. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  4. Nothing weird about what you’ve send…and I love where you ended up with this post. The great thing about not having a plan are the surprises along the way…Best to you 🙂

  5. I believe happiness is a series of those fleeting moments when life suddenly makes sense, rather than an attainable end goal. It could be something as simple as walking down your street on a crisp, sunny autumn morning and feeling suddenly more attuned to the world. I try to recognise and treasure those moments, because this is where you live your life, not in some theoretical vision of the future. Your post really got me thinking, thank you for sharing.

  6. janedoewhattayhoe

    This relates so much to how I’ve been feeling lately. Loved how you phrased it.

  7. evestepulremon1978

    Reblogged this on Ginny Bauman Posts and commented:

  8. Well this certainly rings a bell! And I particularly like that bit about feeling lost means we are meant for something better, or something different.

    I graduated from uni a year ago, living at home, been dong this and that, but I can say there are many options to be had. And I have been feeling lost. I see my friends, who have husbands and partners, and careers already, and I do think – what did I miss? What got me so distracted that I didn’t realise my life had taken two steps back while everyone else has been going forward?

    But I’ve been reading, and thinking, and I still haven’t got my head round it myself, but we are not lost. And I think you’re right. This is a journey. There is a destination, but hey, who says we have to be there already? Where’s the fun in that?

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