On Baggage

The thing about being on the brink of adulthood (which isn’t measured by age, mind you, but by the size of our responsibilities) is that we tend to believe our experience is enough. You’ve probably had your first job, your first apartment, and if you’re lucky, you’ve already had your first heartbreak.

But little do we know what else is in store. After all, could we really say what will become of us? Living happily isn’t ever after, sadness isn’t the end of the world, and milestones are only parts of an entire story. Even when we’re old and gray, nothing is guaranteed. One of the saddest mistakes we make is that we think we know everything about ourselves. But so long as there is another day, there are endless possibilities to push our limits.

So travel lightly, but be prepared. Carry your experiences in your heart, not on your back. Let the memories teach you, not weigh you down. Don’t shut out or shut down because you think you have seen it all. Rest assured, you have not and you never will. But most importantly, don’t let what you’ve always known keep you from learning more. Baggage is meant to be a heavy backpack, not so much as a ball and chain.

And if you ever find your baggage keeping you from getting new stuff into that metaphorical suitcase of yours, I think it’s time you lighten you load.  Because it makes more sense to let go of the past rather than waste your present or future. Remind yourself: that face you’re kissing does not belong to your ex; your new friends aren’t your old friends; your efforts won’t always end as they had before. Who you are today, doesn’t have to be who you are tomorrow. Your lessons, your successes, and your scars can be the map that guides you in the right direction: forward, always forward. But only if you let them.

Good luck!



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4 responses to “On Baggage

  1. “Carry your experiences in your heart, not on your back. Let the memories teach you, not weigh you down.” Love these two lines! Ah, the constantly evolving journey of being human — thanks for sharing! 🙂

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