On Bad Gossip

Let’s face it, someone, somewhere, at sometime, has talked about us behind our back. Whether it was good or bad, the grapevine remains one of the best mediums for hot news. But I’m not talking about just any kind of gossip. I’m talking about the bad gossip, the hurtful gossip, the “everyone knows it but you” gossip. It starts quickly and spreads like wildfire.
Just like you, I’ve been a victim to bad gossip. It was one of those, “I know you’re talking about me, so why not just say it to my face” moments. Y’know, the super immature but still hurtful kind. But soon enough, it was just another storm I’ve weathered and I’ll tell you why.
See, I realized yesterday, if I could chose to be anyone in that room, you’re damn straight that I would’ve still been me. I would still be the victim, because I knew I was still the good guy. I knew that I was clearly not in the wrong (but if you are, take the time to check yourself before you wreck yourself) and I knew that I was simply that much better off. By controlling my anger and walking away gracefully, I could feel a great sense of  accomplishment. Besides, there was no need to mess up my day by doing something as foolish as act inconsiderately.
I think this what they call “taking the high road,” and boy, what a pretty view it is.
Bad gossip tends to be rooted in jealousy, ignorance, or spite, or perhaps an evil mix of all. But regardless of it’s origins, if it’s not your fault, there’s no reason for you to treat yourself like it is. Don’t let them bring you down, buddy, because we need you at your best. Bad gossip is just another bump in the road, and it’s one that we can’t avoid. Because lots of love will always come with hate from some and even acting on good intentions can end poorly. But please don’t forget, you’re the hero of that story.
So hold your head up, my thick-skinned warrior. Be graceful, be strong. Be honest before being angry. To tell them off would be doing them a favor, it would be going the extra mile. Do they deserve the effort? Of course not! And I understand that this world tends to take advantage of good guys, but between you and me, they would be nothing without us.


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5 responses to “On Bad Gossip

  1. Really enjoyed this post. It’s so difficult to walk away sometimes even though it is the only thing you can really do with dignity. You want to yell at them that it’s lies. But sometimes the more you protest, the worse it sounds and it is better for the gossip to die a quiet death.

  2. ..I just wish walking away so gracefully in such an environment was less hard!.. Lovely post 🙂

  3. been there. taught me a lot.
    thanx for reminding! 🙂

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