On Anger


I remember that I used to mostly daydream about breaking things. I wanted to smash, crush, and demolish any thing around me. I longed to hear that sweet sound of surrounding objects breaking into bits. And I could almost feel the jagged pieces of whatever pressing into my skin.

Why? Because I was living a lie and it drove me mad. I could feel every piece of me screeching against my nature. I wasn’t comfortable. I did not feel at home.

So if you’ve ever cried tears of anger, I’m talking to you. Because, buddy, I get it. When everyone turns their back on you and you realize you can trust no one, it becomes a real dog-eat-dog world out there. And everybody tries to console you and they tell you to not take it personally, but brush. that. off. Be angry. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with being personal. They’re just saying that because it’s not personal to them. But it really really is to you. (Isn’t it?)

You know what I learned about myself this summer, what I learned about us angry folk? That though we might not be lovers, we are definitely fighters. And I realized that if you choose and plan your battles wisely, if we take our destructive nature and turn it into an unstoppable drive, a fighting heart may be all that you really need. Because we’re the groundbreakers and the pathfinders. We wipe the blood off our mouths struggling to protect what we love, believe in and want. We brag of our scars and wounds for they remind us where we’ve come from and where we’re going. So please, believe us when we warn you, woe is the one who gets in our way.



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5 responses to “On Anger

  1. Nice piece defending an emotion that is usually looked upon negatively. Maybe people who are angry are just really passionate in what they believe in!

    • Thanks! There can be many reasons why people are angry. But instead of blind rage, I think that energy can ne so useful if we just focus it in something creative.

  2. It’s amazing how I can relate to all these posts of yours. 😀 Love them…

  3. I get so frustrated and angry at times that I want to go give an inanimate object a good kicking – How the netbook has survived I have absolutely no idea? – I try when the mist is less red velvet and more organza – to channel it into something positive. Sometimes I fail, but I guess we are all just human. Loved this post as always!

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