On Beating Summer Heat

What’s a great way to beating summer heat? Staying absolutely still. Nothing says “summer” like not moving an inch in what feels like the Devil’s breath.

But this isn’t my favorite way to beat summer heat.

Summer is a magical season. Don’t believe me? Just look at Mother Nature. The things we haven’t even touched all year are greener and fuller. From jack rabbits to mosquitoes, animals of every type are in abundance. The earth gets louder as people gather at beaches, in parks, and in homes of those with air conditioning. There’s more of, well, everything.

And so what’s my favorite way of beating summer heat? It’s being a part of it. Its the lounging in the sun, the water gun fights, the conversations with people who aren’t usually out and about. Its enjoying every little thing that summer has to offer.

Okay you caught me. None of those things actually help me beat the heat, as they do to help me ignore it. But the creation of memories keep me distracted from the sweat on my neck and the sticky humidity. And if you think about it, this is the best way of beating the weather-related downs of any season. Can’t beat the winter’s mean cold? Go outside and play in the snow! Go skating! Jump in an outdoor jacuzzi, if you’re game! But that’s six-months irrelevant.

So the next time this heat wave has got you sluggish, and for some reason air conditioning is out of the question, embrace it, or really, let the heat embrace you. Throw a bon fire with friends, do a bit of star-watching in the backyard, or go traveling, if only around town. Connect with the people or things you’ve been meaning to all year round. Because, on the contrary to how this essay started, summer is all about being adventurous. Just don’t forget the sunscreen and bring a bottle of water with you!



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3 responses to “On Beating Summer Heat

  1. I have also been complaining about the heat… it’s not so bad now, but there was a point when I was hiding in the basement and laying on the concrete, just for a small reprieve!

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