On Disappointment

The roughest days always the ones that start out great. They are the ones where something just pushes you right off the tracks and the bad news drops on you as if it were suddenly raining anvils. You wonder how Disappointment found you; she was nowhere on the horizon!

Say it with me: Disappointment is inevitable. And if you’re younger like me, you better believe that disappointment is a comin’ for ya.

Look, I’m not saying you can’t have it all, but “having it all” still has a few bumps on it’s road. And I beg you, leave “happily ever after” off of your To-Do list. Do you really think Cinderella and Prince Charming didn’t fight in their castle? No, you say? Oh right, but that was a fictitious story.

But now that I’ve broken it down, let me help you back up. Let’s dust those pants off with a bit of wisdom: Don’t let disappointment scare you away. Take a good look at your hopes and dreams and if you still have faith in them, don’t let your hurt stop you. Learn to weather the storm. Moreover, I figure that if disappointment is inevitable, go big or go home. Take huge risks, make huge mistakes. Because you can’t reap large benefits if you’re playing it safe.

So, if you currently find yourself disappointed, let today be the day you make amends with yourself. Let us realize that obstacles are opportunities and confusing forks in the road are just lines on a map of any place. Bruises are souvenirs, broken hearts are gifts. Hurt is proof that we live. To fall and fall hard is just Gravity’s way of telling you that the World wishes to hold you closer. La vie en rose, I say! La vie en rose! After all, who said that second chances were the limit?



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10 responses to “On Disappointment

  1. Today, I was very dissappointed. I have chicken pox, there is a good chance the spots will scar and I feel pants. But there was also some silver lining. I got to read your blog and write.

    • Thanks! I’m glad this post made you feel better, but this blog sure isn’t a substitute to ointment. Try not to scratch (though I totally would) and get well soon!

  2. This has really been worth reading.I have a great fear of disappoinments so I play it too safe.guess I’ll start taking bigger steps now 🙂 made my night!

  3. I believe you just hit the nail on its proverbal head !!
    Expecting disappointment yet for working to achieve our best is a sure way to success. Nice blog !!

  4. ronaldagak

    Reblogged this on Ronald Agak.

  5. Life does come with its disappointments…but it is said that we should follow the act of how birds still sing after the storm !

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