On Ambition

It’s that gut feeling telling you that you were meant to be somebody. It’s that voice demanding, “Be. the. best.” It’s the small town kid in you that’s waiting to quit this lousy neighborhood, or it’s the “Eye of the Tiger” melody you hum to yourself. It’s called Ambition, and it ain’t ever gonna let your heart alone.

So when your aspirations keep you up at night and your thoughts are too loud to deny, what do you do? Do you tell your confidants? But how they reply! “Absurd ideas!” they respond. “Absurd hopes! Lost causes!” they laugh. On a daily basis, those who are ambitious face the conflict of being too big for their life but too small to do anything about it. And we’re tired of it. Because every fiber in your being seems to urge you on, but those around you say to leave it to those in charge. “Innovation can happen anywhere,” they say. “Just not here. So quit the whining.” Turns out such dreams aren’t proper dinner conversation, shopping conversation, and apparently, not for any-time conversation either.

But then what do you do with a heart the size of Pluto, filled to the brim with potential? What can you do when you want to shout to the galaxy “I love you! Let me hold you! Let me save you!”? How do you sleep when you feel like those closest to you won’t see what you see – a world of infinite possibilities?

You work. You don’t forget where you come from. And never ever mistake Pride for Ambition. The last thing this world needs is another tragic hero.

When you’re down on your luck, look at it this way: with all that we can do and with all that we can change, it would be abhorrently selfish to let our insecurities get the best of us. When Life unveils your talent and when everything you’ve ever known finally makes sense, it’s not about you anymore. Its about your future co-workers, your future teammates, your future family. Its about the time and place that you can finally give your gift and talents to others. Let Ambition take you there.

Carry on my friend, because rough days come and go. Hell, good days come and go. I know Ambition very well, and trust me, you want her on your side. So always be honest with yourself and let it fuel you. You’ve got great things ahead of you, but only you can know that better than anyone else!



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18 responses to “On Ambition

  1. This made my morning. 🙂

  2. Very inspirational, mind if I save this on my phone? I’ll reread this whenever I feel down in the dumps. 🙂

  3. i think the same way , that i have so much to offer and so much to achieve and i want to tell the whole world what i am capable of but as you had perfectly described it , it is sadly unacceptable for conversation. May we all stick our ambition and achieve what we dreams.

  4. I love this! I’ve been praying for guidance and this is so inspirational! It rings true for so many people!


  5. blackpillowtalk

    Amazing! This was a beautiful article!

  6. thoughlovebeaday

    What do you do with a heart the size of Pluto? Well, since Pluto isn’t a planet (anymore), maybe we could just wait a long time and hope someone discovers our heart isn’t really a heart at all; it’s a tiger in a cage, or a whisper in the dark, or Pandora’s box and it’s yet to be opened…

    Good post.

  7. musewb

    I am reading this in the depths of a silent night. lost my sleep because the train of thoughts wouldn’t – of ambitions, expectations, disappointment, aspirations and hopes of making someone proud; someone who matters a lot.

    you’re a great essayist 🙂 keep writing

    • Thank you so much! Good luck with your aspirations. I know you may want to make someone else proud, but I really do hope you are making yourself happy in the process!

  8. Reblogged this on Musewb's Blog and commented:
    In the depths of a silent night, against the whirring of the fan, is the deafening sound of the train of thoughts. What of ambitions that seems less convincing; of aspirations, expectations and the hopes of making that someone proud some day – someone who matters a lot. My heart is the size of my fist and that means I should be in control of what my heart wants; yet this world – this universe – is so much bigger than my fist. Will I be able to let my heart play out what it wishes to? It’s time to hit the sack; let’s do this another time again

  9. Really inspring post right here. Nicely done. 🙂

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