On Soul Searching


All my life, I’ve been a planner. And yet, though planning has always seemed logical, a closer look can make one realize that it might not always be the best thing. After all, when you’re a perfectionist like me, planning puts my stomach in knots, makes me snippy with people and, more than anything, it stresses me out!

What does this have to do with soul searching? Because to do it right, you must first let go.

Soul searching usually begins when one is in a state of panic. It happens when your plan goes to crap or when you realized that you should’ve planned better in the first place. But realizing that in you’re in this situation is the easiest part of soul searching. The hard part is understanding that, no matter what, where you are is the result of your doings and Fate. You must understand that estimating whether Fate or you had more doing, can only ever be a guess. This truth is undeniable yet buried beneath the shoulda, coulda and woulda’s we hold against ourselves or against others. Go ahead. Look for it. Its there.

Once you realize that a bit of soul searching is exactly what you need, you can start to let go of planning and start thinking. I mean, you may always be thinking, but now its all about being honest with yourself. Let your thoughts shift from, “Well, perhaps I’ll like this,” or “Maybe this will suit me well,” to “Who am I kidding? I’ve never really liked that, and I probably never will.”  I found that, in the instant I switched to this mindset, I could already hear my higher self thanking me for respecting its peculiarities. Just like that, the world was my oyster. Knowing that there are endless possibilities for me is my most preferable state of mind. I feel happier, more hopeful and stronger knowing that I won’t have to settle so long as I’m honest with myself. So when they say the truth will set you free, baby, you better believe it.

Soul searching is a must for the younger generation. I’m not saying that this is a new phenomenon for youth, but lets look at what we’ve got. We’ve got parents telling us that we must go to college, employers telling us that we must get our masters, and ourselves telling us that we must be rich to be successful. There’s a well worn path that we’re expected to take, but is it really good for us? Is it really worth the investment$ we’re making? A friend of mine critiqued that soul searching is expensive. She worried that, while it is important, it doesn’t pay the bills, doesn’t take care of your responsibilities, and it definitely doesn’t get you a job. However, I responded that soul searching is just as good an investment as any. In some cases, it might be even better and perhaps even more lucrative.

I’m not here to tell you how to soul search. For some, it takes international travel and for others, it may take a few years away from school. Mind you, you must remember a few of the key ingredients: time and honesty. I’ve explained why honesty is important before. As for time, who’s to say that soul searching won’t ever really end? Good luck on your quest!



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4 responses to “On Soul Searching

  1. Another great post! I would agree that soul searching is far more lucrative than spending all our time worried about money and bills and success. If everyone took time to search their soul I think the world would be a happier, calmer, and more supportive place. I have been on quite a soul search for the past year or so and each day I discover something new. Like you I have begun to blog about these discoveries. I look forward to reading your new posts!

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